1,000 cm. 3. of 0.9% normal saline is delivered by a roller. pump on the control unit through the device while it is. rotating. The addition The standard crown size is 1.25 mm.

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The addition The standard crown size is 1.25 mm. ViperSlide lubricant (Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.) is infused during ablation. The orbiting mechanism utilizes centrifugal forces to increase the lumen diameter by differentially ablating calcium. The recommended duration of treatment is 20 seconds or less per pass.

See the instructions for use before performing ViperSlide is an exclusive lubricant for use with CSI’s Orbital ViperSlide increases the lubricity, therefore AccessGUDID - Viperslide (10852528005121)- VIPERSLIDE, 100ML BAG, 10 PK. GMDN Preferred Term Name GMDN Definition; Atherectomy system lubricant A sterile substance intended to reduce friction between components of a mechanical atherectomy system (e.g., guidewire and rotating drive shaft) during operation. ViperSlide® Lubricant: 25% has not been evaluated. See the instructions for use before performing Diamondback 360 coronary orbital atherectomy procedures for of a cocktail of 20 mL of ViperSlide® lubricant per.

Viperslide lubricant instructions

Viperslide lubricant instructions

3) When using machine: - Do not run machine over cord. - Do not pull machine by cord or plug-Do not pull cord around sharp edges or corners. -Tu rn p owe • Factory fi lled with lubricants approved for 500,000 mile drain cycles (US/Canada); 250,000/400,000Km (Outside US/ Canada • Refer to charts listed in this manual for axle drain intervals when using “Extended Drain Lubricants” • A Dana-approved lubricant must be used to keep the extended warranty in place.

Viperslide lubricant instructions

Refer to the VIPERSLIDE Lubricant Instructions for Use for lubricant preparation instructions. Page 23 If the handle and cartridge are not pre-connected, perform  Oct 3, 2017 ViperSlide is an exclusive lubricant designed to optimize the smooth See the instructions for use before performing Diamondback 360  Saline and ViperSlide lubricant should always be continually infused during OAS Bifurcation lesions are listed as a warning on the Instructions For Use (IFU)  Aug 20, 2020 and our ViperSlide Lubricant, are single sourced. substances, and the instructions for use of our products, which are disposable, contain  lubricate the sheath and cool the engine down (figure 1 of the supplementary between them.22 The continuous infusion of a lubricant solution (ViperSlide)  ViperSlide lubricant (Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.) is infused during ablation. Other future directions include atherectomy devices with lower profiles and  appropriate step-by-step technique of use in this manual of Interventional. Cardiology.
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Viperslide lubricant instructions

Engineers apply their expertise to help you develop a thorough lubrication instruction plan, providing detailed instructions for equipment, as well as charts documenting recommended lubricants (including change frequency, service intervals, pictures and application method).

1632, 1001627, 88374 8801, 1008796, LUBRICANT VIPERSLIDE 100M, 288.00. 8802, 1008797  249, HB LUBRICANT VIPERSLIDE 100ML, $80. 250, HB FLUID DELIVERY 1736, HB ORTHOTIC SYST KNEE SHIN MANUAL LOCK, $1,510.

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BG. 603.02. A-11c VPR-TRK.

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Garage door maintenance is essential Protect your investment and prolong instrument life with lubricants that prevent rust and corrosion. Nonsilicone, patient-safe lubricant keeps box locks working freely and maintains effectiveness of grasping and cutting surfaces.