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185 rows 508 rows Part 1: ISO 639-1:2002 provides a 2-letter code that has been designed to represent most of the major languages of the world. Part 2: ISO 639-2:1998 provides a 3-letter code, which gives more possible combinations, so ISO 639-2:1998 can cover more languages. 489 rows Language ISO Code; Abkhazian: ab: Afar: aa: Afrikaans: af: Akan: ak: Albanian: sq: Amharic: ISO 639-1 Code ISO 639-2 Code English name of Language French name of Language Date Added or Changed Category of Change Notes : cnr: Montenegrin: monténégrin: 2017-12-21: Add : zgh: Standard Moroccan Tamazight: amazighe standard marocain: 2012-11-21: Add : hmn: Hmong; Mong: hmong: 2010-03-29: NA : bh: bih: Bihari languages: langues biharis: 2009-09-01: NC: Changed from Bihari; … Language Codes: ISO 639, Microsoft. Language.

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Språk enligt ISO 639-1 hämtade från Library of Congress. Display name with dialect, Swedish (Finland). Character orientation, left-to-right. Line orientation, top-to-bottom. ISO 639-2/T language code, swe.

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Do you want ISO 3166 country codes or ISO 639 language codes? As far as I know there is no such thing as a "ISO 3166-2 language code." – Robᵩ Sep 25 '15 at 1:48 ISO 639-3:2007 provides a code, published by the Registration Authority of ISO 639-3, consisting of language code elements comprising three-letter language identifiers for the representation of languages. This page lists the official language(s) for each country code. This is used to map 'name' tags to their equivalent 'name:XX' tags where they are missing and provide better multi-language support.

Language iso codes

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Language iso codes

ar-DZ, Arabic  This was fully adopted in 2007 as ISO 639-3, Codes for the representation of names of languages — Part 3: Alpha‐3 code for comprehensive coverage of  ISO 639 language codes exist to identify the languages, dialects and languages scripts around the world. It is an international standardization of linguistic codes. ISO language and country codes. This topic describes the use and background of ISO codes.

Language iso codes

The elements may also be ordered by scope of denotation or type of language. The "more" link provides further documentation on what the code element denotes. 29 Aug 2001 The two-character language codes of ISO 639 are relevant to SGML encoding in two respects. First, the SGML standard (ISO 8879) itself  1 Oct 2020 Here is a list of the ISO language codes that conform to the ISO 639-1 standard, complete with two-letter country codes where relevant. You can  4 Oct 2020 If a country uses multiple official languages please make sure to list all of them or it may cause incorrect mappings. ISO 3166-1 country code  This was fully adopted in 2007 as ISO 639-3, Codes for the representation of names of languages — Part 3: Alpha‐3 code for comprehensive coverage of  22 Jun 1999 65th IFLA Council and General Conference. Bangkok, Thailand, August 20 - August 28, 1999.
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Language iso codes

ISO language codes are the standard for linguistic codification worldwide. The most famous standard sets are ISO 639 (and the subsets ISO 639-1, ISO 639-2, ISO 639-3) for language codes, and ISO 15924 as standardization of language scripts. We discussed previously the ISO 15924 in our article on languages with dual alphabets.

Multiple codes for the same language are to be considered synonyms. 2020-11-14 · Standard country-language codes are comprised of two arguments separated by a dash, for example fr-CA is French Canadian.
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20L - 24L. 14 juli 2020 — This page is a translated version of the page Incubator:ISO 639 and the translation is 100% 25 dec. 2020 — The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international standard-setting body Silesian language granted ISO code.

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Language  With reference to the above, Nasdaq Stockholm AB decides that the shares (ETX, ISIN code CA29786T1057, order book ID 078547) shall be  Here is my setup: The Iso Files (Example MOVIE. Cheats & Codes Gaming Services Game Play & Streaming Mobile Gaming Family Tech Parental The TG4 Player is a Global Hub of Irish language and Cultural Content, freely available for  DIN/ ISO, IEC60900. Skruvhuvud/mutterprofil, Sexkant. Drev, 3/8 tum. Vikt, 3870 g. Material, Verktygsstål.